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Film trailer music - I'd like to hear your and here's one of mine.

Curious if anyone has done music for film trailers.
Post 'em (or a link) if you have.

This is one of mine:

Trailer For A Nonexistent Film 4

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Interesting stuff and I think you really got the trailer style down.  The bass, especially at the beginning, did overwhelm my monitors a bit.  I am no mixing expert, but that repeated bass riff also seemed a little too wide in the stereo field (wasn't quite integrated with the other music elements which are very centered)?

I'm an orchestral guy, not a trailer guy, but I did do one as an exercise a few months ago (note, my mixing/mastering is pretty bad)...

Nice work, John.

Here is a couple I had done for school, there was no video to match them too so I made my own. We were given hit points and the layout of the trailer. The style was heroic with 2 section, a sad part and an action part. I'd like to think I have potential, but they haven't been used by anyone lol.


Michael Hamby

Good job, Michael.

Adam Mannering,

I passed over your link earlier, sorry. I have taken the time to listen to your trailer music. I like it, the pulse is well defined and really drives the song forward, it kinda had the feeling of stranger things, for me anyway. Maybe for future tracks think of adding big over the top drum hits with some risers and/or falls mixed in throughout. My observation of other trailer tracks I've seen for like everything utilize those three concepts, give them a shot :). Great job, I look forward to hearing your new works!

Adam Mannering said:

Good job, Michael. This is a film i worked on in 2015. did the music for both trailers and the movie.

Good work, Matthew.


Here is a trailer I scored music for recently for a feature film due to release June 2018 (I scored the music for the movie as well.). Its an animated fantasy adventure film based on a popular story from indian mythology.

Pls share ur critique.


Well done. Suits the footage well.

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