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Hello everyone-

Just in case this site does go down soon, here is some information for you:

Our site for music education,including composers and other musicians,,
has sponsored many great competitions over the years and will be continuing to do so.  I usually put a notice here at Composers' Forum when we start a new competition.  Many of you have entered our competitions and done well. 

If you'd like to be kept "in the loop", especially for our upcoming Film Scoring competitions, you can join the free site, and you'll be sent notifications about upcoming contests and competitions.  These only happen a couple of times per year, so you won't be swamped with emails! is not a forum.  It mainly sponsors international competitions and connects performers with composers, and students with teachers.  Our competitions have become very popular and attract extremely high level talent.  You're welcome to join us!

Julie Harris
Composition Teacher

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Not a vulture, Ray, but a St. Bernard.

Yes, all is well here in spite of hurricanes coming and going.  How about in Scotland?

Hello again Ray -

Sorry for the lapse between your message and my response, but Composers Forum has been down for quite a few days.  Which brings me to - it wasn't hacked, nor was the security compromised.  Instead, Ning's attempted updates broke some things in the login.  The Ning programmers are working to fix the problem.  Who knows how long that will take? 

Your mention of the Scottish rain reminded me of my trip to Fingal's Cave back in 2003.  When we left North Carolina in early June, it was 100 degrees F, and dry as a bone.  Scotland was gorgeous, wet and green and full of sheep, but the trip to Fingal's Cave was the coldest I've ever been in my life.  I lived in Alaska for five years, but Alaska is tropical compared to that endless boat ride in a cold drizzle of rain.  When we finally got back to the pub, I literally put my chair into the giant fireplace, as close to the flames as I could stand.  "Psst ... those Americans are nuts"  I heard some of the local folks chuckling, but I didn't care.  Brrrrrr!!!

As far as our site(s) are concerned, here's the latest:

We will keep as an archival site, but we're gradually moving to two new sites: - educational site to connect composers with performers, students with teachers and to sponsor competitions.   This site is good for entering or viewing international competitions, finding a teacher near you, or finding performers in your area - the extensive search includes location.  We also maintain a history of all our competitions, featuring the winners but including all entries.  It's interesting to see what others have written, and how they fared in the competitions.  Anyone can join this free site. - site for profiles which can include audio and video.  This site is good for composers to showcase their music without ads and without being grouped with other genres.  Each profile is a separate entity with its own site address. Several of my students have posted profiles to be used in their college applications.  It is also good for performers to scan for new music.  The default profile on this site is basic text and pictures; adding audio and video is a paid feature.

None of our sites are forums, but each offers something of value to composers.  Feel free to explore either new site!  And enjoy your rain.  ;-)


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