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Hi all,

Would love any comments, suggestions, criticisms on this track which I composed. Used Logic and mostly Orchestral and Voices Jam packs.

Any suggestions specifically on the EQ of the instruments (which is something I'm working on improving) would be most welcome.

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Very nice peace of music. I think the EQ of the instruments are well done. The only thing that sounds a bit off to me are the horns. I would suggest to mix them more gently to give it a smoother blend with the rest of the orchestra.
You wrote music with a sweet and gentle beat . I suggest adding drums or other percussive instruments to add tension.
Thanks for your feedback. The piano is the Yamaha Club Piano which comes with Logic. Cranked up the reverb a little on it. I prefer the Yamaha to the Steinway that comes with Orchestral Jam Pack as it is a little brighter and more lively. When it comes to real pianos I also prefer the Yamaha because of that quality.
You might add some realism to the solo lines in the horns, winds, and strings by working more with the dynamics of the held notes. Don't let a held note in a melody remain static. Throw in a cc7 and/or cc11 event to shape those notes.

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