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Written a couple of years ago. I'm redrafting the score; have used it to try out this VSL starter kit I bought. A right palaver to set up; a bit of a learning curve. I get the feeling I've moved on a little from the beginning but don't seem any nearer the end!

It's muted strings throughout except the cello line near the beginning.

Peaceful I hope - and diatonic. I don't uually write like this!

Any comment would be appreciated. I already sense the DAW/VSL have a latency problem which I'm investigating.



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Yes, interesting piece. It doesn't especially invoke a sense of farewell/parting in my mind - maybe its the pizzicato, but it reminds me of the silent movies - I'm thinkin Charlie Chaplin walking down the street swinging his cane.

I too am trying to get to grips with VSL SE 1 - I'm getting better results now that I'm using MIRx.

I don't think VSL is especially suited to Dorico so i find that I'm writing in Dorico with Noteperormer and then swapping to VSL in Cubase to mix/master and generally polish it of.


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