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Electronic intro should be composed separately...

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I think you are too strict...I really don't know what is so terrible with sound of my string section from korg trinity's better than MIDI...and played with some felling...of course this is only temporary presentation of two must be better arranged/played...

I listen your opus and I really don't know why you are so strict...

"I can only say,"what a waste""..."Forget the classic bit" can not say "Just one man's opinion you understand" after this stand behind those words or not...

He does Adam, you have to understand Ray is an amazing musician and a modern sort but with a LOT of respect for tradition musically AND in how he presents his ideas. If you understand that Ray rarely says stuff with any tone of hatred or petulance, its almost always for a point, because he sees something in you and wisely feels the need to rattle your cage, to make you think. But he is sincere I believe in his comments initially AND that his is "just one man's opinion". So look for the truth here that can help I would suggest.


As for your piece, I kind of liked it, I actually listened past more than the first 10 seconds. Personally I did feel that the strings in the intro was kind of random moving your hands around the keyboard and not crafted with inner working knowledge of harmony, which is dissapointing always. But your concept of tension and release and building motion is solid. I would like to hear you write a piece without a keyboard, taking time to really get into the theory of why and how certain relationships of tones affect others, and then to perform it with the keyboard. I'll bet if you can find a way to combine the theory with your common sense of music and tension and release that you will write some very very poignant music

With respect to Ray...your comment style is much better...

lol :-) He's just an old Scottish bear, feed him whiskey and haggis and he comes around. Keep it coming Adam!

:)))) ...salute to you guys!

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