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Hi All,

Just looking for the usual feedback and comments on my newest piece, A short fantasy for solo piano.

Any idea/suggestions welcome as always! Feel free to check out the other videos on my Youtube page

Many Thanks,


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Hey Joe,  you've got some interesting passages here ,

I had an idea for pieces like this  

I'd like to know what you and others think about it

You 'categorized' this as a Fantasy which has certain conotations -to me anyway-

a general term for pieces like this

I'd like to propose the term "Scenaria" - a short work which musically describes and

 captures a mood or an event for solo insturment (tho' not exclusively 1 instrument)

There seem to be a lot of works that this would 'give a home' to and, break away from the classical cache.

What do you think?



Hi Roger,

Thank you for the kind words! 

I think the term Scenaria could well catch on. In truth the main reason I categorised it as a Fantasy was because it didn't really work as a Sonata. I may use the term Scenaria for the piece that I am currently working on.

Best wishes,

Joe, I liked this better than the other pieces of yours that I've listened to. there is more in the way of harmonic exploration. One thing I've noticed with all your work is a preponderance of scalar figures. I don't know of this is a conscious attempt at style, a kind of signature, or just something you have a tendency to do. It's not a problem, but there are many other types of musical phrases to explore. Have you ever seen Hindemith's Elementary Training For Musicians? It helps you expand your grasp of, especially, rhythmic constructions. Very helpful, I've found. And it's kind of fun. might want to check it out, it would be time well spent.

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