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Hello fellow composers, I would greatly appreciate if you take a listen and share some thoughts - I'm very content with this one and think I learned a lot in the last months.

Nothing revolutionary I guess but I just try to emulate the music I like the most which is (late)romantic in style. 

The piece consists of one part which is repeated three times, each time an Instrument ist added (the clarinet in the second part and the violin in the third part). The first parts ends at 0:58 seconds.  

The base harmonies  are mostly played by brass and Alphorn :)

Each repetition has some slight variations and different endings.

So my main focus lies in trying to create tonal ambiguity, playing with implied cadences and the listeners expectations. I also try to bring out orchestral and instrumental colors and trying to induce extra rhythm with the help of the variation of expressions and Timbres of the instruments.

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I like this very much.

There is another reason people want to see a score. I grew up playing an instrument. I have played lots of different styles in lots of different types of groups. Probably for most people, the only aspect of music they know is that of listening to it. You have entered second aspect, which is that of writing it. But there is a third aspect. That of performing it. Musicians exist to perform. There is nothing wrong with writing in a DAW. It doesn't make music less important. Plenty of music is created that way and used commercially. But there is nothing quite like performing it. You are inside the music as it is being created. 

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