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Hi to all!

I'd really be glad if you could have a quick listening of this little work for piano and orchestra i recently composed:

Let me alert you I'm neither a professional musician nor a professional composer.. so, don't expect too much :)

Thank you for any comment or suggestion and, of course, the time spent listening. It's really an honor.


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No, it's not picky! I told you, I'm just an amateur, I'm here to learn so me and my music (and score) can look a bit less childish.

Just a couple of questions:

1) why do you talk about bass clarinet? My score has only clarinets in B flat.. What did I miss?

2) Why is the piano pedaling useless? There are some section where I want notes to overlay and some others where I don't want.. Isn't it a common practice, then? Isn't it allowed?

I'm updating my score just now, to incorporate your suggestions.

Thank you sooo much!

Lawrence Aurich said:


     Nice work. I enjoyed this.  Several corrections to the score.  B. clar. and bassoon go below the clarinets, and piano just above the percussion.  If you use Finale just hit orchestral score order.  The piano pedaling makes no sense and is probably not necessary.  The pianist will add it as necessary.  Unlike other instruments the piano part should display both treble and bass clefs even in the score.  You should add bowings for the strings.  Middle C is a high note for timpani and sounds tinny to my ear.  I would use the octave below.  Chords in string parts should be stated as unison or divided.  You should probably separate the violin parts as first violins would play the upper notes in chords and second violins the lower notes.  Sounds picky, but these are details other composers have corrected in my scores. 

     You have added considerable and nice rubato in the piano solo part.  Keep up the good work.

On page 2 under violin 2 is Cl which I took to mean clarinet.  You probably mean cello which would be abbreviated Vc or bass CB.  It's a goofy abbreviation.

     Piano fingering and pedaling are somewhat controversial.  In instructional material and simpler works, they are usually included.  In more advanced works such as a concerto with orchestra they are usually not included.  I have written pieces with piano fingerings and pedaling and the pianist usually completely ignores it.  In your piece ms. 15 and 16 you have sixteenth notes separated by sixteenth rests, yet the whole two measures are run together by pedal.. It would not sound anything like you have notated it.  Use pedal sparingly and assume the pianist will do his own thing.

     Another goofy abbreviation is Pf which I would interpret as piano forte, an old instrument no longer used.  Piano would be abbreviated Pn.  Maybe your program is in Italian?

Yes, my notation software is in Italian.
It's my fault, I wanted to translate the score but I should have kept Italian notation, considering Italian is the "official" music language, instead of using my own abbreviations.
Regarding pedal, sorry I don't agree.
In mentioned measures my primary target is having overlqyed sounds rather than notes duration. If I didn't explicitly write it, maybe the pianist would play a staccato, which is very far from my intentions.
Anyway, unfortunately, no pianist will ever play my scores so I'm going to receive your suggestion (no pedal notation) in next scores, if nothing else I will save time eheheh :-)

Thank you once again.

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