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This is an Easter fanfare for a full brass band.  Score is attached as well as a computer generated mp3 (Sibelius 7 with Sibleius 7 sounds).  It is based on 2 tunes, "Christ the Lord is risen today" and Crown Him with many crowns".

I would appreciate comments and critiques as well as ideas for improvements to make the piece more interesting in the middle.

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I see you're getting quite the jump on the season, John!

You could develop the middle part if you wish for a longer version, but it certainly works "as is".

Do have an opportunity to have this played next Easter?
Fredrick, you're *killin'* me!!

There's a couple of bands which may play it.  I just need to get it "right".

What do you think of the cornet descant over the melody in the Crown Him part?

It works!
Nice peace, and some of my favorite Easter Hymns.

God's Peace,
Father Jason+

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