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Hi, here's another piano piece I composed few days ago:

I'd appreciate your thoughts and feedback :)

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Can I ask how this was recorded?  I like it but I think the reverb (or is it the sustain pedal, or both?) makes it a job and a half to tell what is going on.  After a while this effect will get wearing on people.

If you have it as a midi file or a score please post that.  If it was recorded live please record it again in a smaller room and go a bit easier on the sustain pedal (if I'm on target there).  I ask because I would like to hear it properly.

I have to agree with Paul. The over the top effects kind of ruined it for me. It sounds like a lovely piece of music, that could stand on it's own without the delay. A nice pinch of reverb would be fine, but not too much, just enough to give it some resonance.

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