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Greetings from Finland!


I just joined on the forums, and thought I would share what I've made previously. :)


I am rather new composer, or well new digital composer at least. I'm on my last semester studying digital sound and commercial music at the University of Tampere.


Fade Away is a track from first year. It's a simple, melancholic track with ...way too loud kick. :D

Then again, I don't re-publish tracks to fix mistakes. Instead trying to learn from those!


I certainly would do some things different now - would lower the kick & snare, but then again I wasn't the main guy behind the mixing table.


Would love some feedback. What works, what doesn't? Kick is obviously too loud, specially on verses. But anything else?


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its sounds pretty solid to me. Maybe a third verse that sounds completely different just to break it up a little and maybe replace the choir synth with strings but other than that pretty good. 

Thanks for having the time to listen & comment.

I often use the first instrument that just happens to sound "decently good". I guess all of these tracks are demos after all and I would believe they would sound quite different with real time (and skill). The song is very simple and certainly could benefit from an additional part/segment with a "new sound" providing some variance.

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