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Hello estimed members.

Today I would like to submit to short pieces dedicated to my daughters.

Once for the little on is a short piece for piano inspired by contemporary japanse music

The second one is a short piano piece in 7/8

I wish you a happy x' mas

Yours trully


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A very calming piece, a berceuse near enough.

A pleasant listen. Beautiful for its simplicity.

(After struggling to get home through local floods today, a most welcome piece to listen to)

Thanks for posting.


Thank you for your kind words


This is very silent, almost like a reverie. Very good after a long hard day ;)

Thanks for sharing.


Thanks for listening


Very beautiful piano music, Christophe. Would be great in a Zen Garden! The oriental mood is well done. This calls to my mind a tranquil terraced waterfall, the water falling in gentle, even steps. Perfect for meditation and alpha-wave production.

Re: the second piece: I like unusual time signatures. I use 5/4 and 7/4 a lot. And if you do it right, the result can be wonderful. Like that movement of Tchaikovsky's 6th symphony, one of the first examples of this in the modern era (unusual meters were common in the Pre-Baroque era). what is so amazing about that piece is that the listener does not notice it is in such an unusual meter. Typically the results are choppy and unnatural, but that need not be the case, as your piece shows here. nice work.

Thanks for the great feedback, Michael

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