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Hi guys!


Just want some comments on ether or not this little cannon i came up with is worth pursuing further or if it sounds too simple or similar to something else. Or if it is even in cannon form... It is wrteen for two harps but has 6 entries. I have attached the MP3 and the score


Thank you :)


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The sense i got from his comment was that he agreed with you :) And i do too. I will take a look at expanding on this theme if i can. Maybe incorporate it as a larger  Noël / Alleluia - which i've never gotten to do. An i dea based on all of your comments ^___^

Peter Wiedermann said:

I do apologise if this caused offence. Please allow me to clarify my previous statement... "Such simplicity could lend itself to fantastic development in the hands of a composer more skilled than myself."


Sorry if I misled. It didn't even occur to me that I had implied that Chris was less than a skilled composer. What I meant to say was that if I had written this piece, I would probably leave it be, as I'd probably destroy it by trying too hard. It didn't even occur to me that I may belittle someone else, as this was far from my intention. Again, my apologies.

!!! canons must be in perfect counterpoint u make many mistake, in melodic figures, 8ve!! some 5e, which in ancient counterp. are any style are ingenuous. try to listen the same thing with 2fl, ob, cl, basson  and horn... u can listen that in your piece only the tone color is seems a carillon! i think that.



P.S. I 'd write an example for u with your theme (almost all) but for a canon at 6 i must  spend more than 10 min. cause i must change much of the theme if i want a perfect counterpoint!! sorry i m busy.


I like your idea Frederick of making similar cannons. I am expirimenting with using themes from the piece to produce a christmas piece (something i've always wanted to try) mostly because the melody reminds me of a church hymn :)


If that doesn't work out or changes it too much for me, i think i will try a cannon series - maybe even something of a symphony! (but obviously, a very short one!)

Fredrick zinos said:


Does this piece really need to be longer?


Maybe rather than extending this piece, make this the first of 3-4 canons of similar nature.  

well, i really loved it.  Don't know if it's just the time of year, but i was picturing a very sweet dance/ballet in my head as i listened to it.  I'd leave it as it is and not risk complicating it.  Sure, if Rachmaninov's reincarnated self where to attempt a variation on it, let him have it.  But i think your original version is rather charming.

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