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Hello dear composers,


This song is posted to hear your opinions, it is just something I made for fun and I would like to know if I'm going the right direction.


Best regards!


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I like it. There is a certain repeating element to it that you vary quite skillfully. It's too easy to get all the action out of drastic mood shifts, so I like this quite a bit.

There are a few (what sounds like) digitial clicks where you (again, I'm guessing) cut & pasted passages together. Use a short cross fade.


Thank you for your feedback and hint about the short cross fade Victor! I wrote this work midi in Cubase SX and after exporting this problem somethimes occurs. All the best, Kurt.

Unable to hear this, using a fairly modern Mac computer

Thanks Bob, that worked

Thank you for listening Bob and Gav. I'm glad that the download is working fine. Well, why I wrote this... That day I discovered this nice piece of music:, Orava from Kilar.

It gave me much inspiration and the same evening External Moods was made as sort of an exercise. I made a lot of pop songs in the past but lately I want to develop more skills in the classical genre. So, that is the direction I want to go.

As I'm learning on my own, advices and feedback from experienced classical composers are always welcome.

All the best!

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