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As i see there is interest here on the forum for extended techniques, I know of two sound libraries that between them cover a great amount of these techniques. Im sure there are others, and I welcome additions to this post noting them. Thanks.
Please note I am only listing these libraries, and each interested person should check each one out completely for themselves.

As best as I know (as there have been changes) the Xsample has new versions out, and has soundsets that come with it to use with Finale or Sib.

The IRCAM has a soundset available for Sib only that i know of, and can be purchased here. One should ask if it works with present versions.:

It also uses its own players-

the UVI workstation:

the Falcon

Again, before one even considers buying either PLEASE check out completely and thoroughly as to all dynamics playing, all articulations working, recent versions working with your software and soundsets reported problems, etc etc.
Also their support should be checked out.

I had written a review of the Xsample some years back, when it was XCE (Xsample Chamber Ensemble), which is no longer applicable nor is that product available to the best of my knowledge,.

Please direct ALL questions of these products to their contact information listed below. Thanks

IRCAM Solo Instruments:


Xsample AI Library


Thanks Bob

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