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At last, after several months of study and experiments, I've created some new tracks in a free form. Everything was played using simultaneously 2 keyboards (S90ES and Roland EP 85), almost without time change after the performance sessions. All instruments are from the Motif set, which I find quite rich and expressive. I am looking for a feedback concerning the compositions, sound quality (particularly, how it can be denoised), the instrument combinations, style etc. I will post 5-6 tracks starting with the 3 below; the durations are from 1.5 to 6 minutes.

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...continued. Hope you will enjoy listening...
I just love free improvisations like this. There is always something one can hear that is interesting. I was not a fan of the first "take" in the Celestial Body, but the moment with the big bells is awesome (as is in Arriving at Florence). Overall those tunes remind me of good oldie times and films (sci-fi). Quite atmospheric, but I wish there was more some loops (be it musical or rhytmical) playing in background so you could create some longer phrases and develop ideas over them. Also I think you skip from idea to idea too quick.

Thanks Michael. I tried to live-perform using some Motif loops (arpeggios with a specific interface), but up to now, succeed to make something tolerable only in the Small Fantastic Dance. Now I need to resolve the audio production problem: the instrument (S90ES) produces wery high quality sounds, but my audio recording facilities (Win XP with Audacity + standard PC soundbluster) need revising.

BTW, I am very much impressed by your beautiful Harry Potter inspired track.

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