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Im still working on the name but i think this one fits so far, this is the second version of the original piece removing some of the droll aspects of the piece hopefully bringing it to a new life.

Its a piece for 2 Violins, Cello, Bass, Viola, Piano, and Harp. Im wondering of i should pull the harp from the piece. The audio is slightly lagged at certain points.

The piece itself has a feel of an exploration or trek into the unknown, like into not so menacing but still mysterious forest. The beat, like the environment changes constantly though not so much that original feel is lost.

The piece is in C Major which i suppose could be a problem in a lack of variation, but it switches between 4/4, 5/4, and 6/4 which adds a bit of style, but that for you to decide.

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I agree this is a more exiting version. I still feel the development is a bit static, but the use of instruments make the piece more exiting. I quite like it this way. It feels a bit horrorish. I could well fit a scary part of a SF-movie. Good work.
Thanks for listening:) I couldn't see the horror aspect of the piece but after visualizing it i could see it being thrown onto a horror flick. I hoping to get this piece into my high school orchestra concert this spring.

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