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Hi All,

Long time since I've posted here, but here goes...  I am working on an opera with a friend.  I spent the month of July completing orchestral sketches of Act 1 and I figured I'd share them here.


Plot Synopsis: A quasi mythological heroine sacrifices her family and herself in the pursuit of greatness.


Scene 1 / Prelude "The Naming Ceremony"

The mountains of Alaska.  A Tlingit grandmother, accompanied by a chorus of bears, names her baby granddaughter, Lekwaa.

Scene 2a / "Lekwaa's Aria"

Introduction of Lekwaa, now a young woman.

Scene 2b / "Brock-Lekwaa Duet"

At the top of the cliff, Lekwaa encounters Brock, a young man who sports a wingsuit and is preparing to jump into the canyon.  Neither one has met anyone like the other.  Brock is hesitating to jump because of concerns about bears below, but Lekwaa convinces him to jump.

Scene 3 / "The Birth of the Business Idea"

Some time has passed; Lekwaa and Brock now live together and she is pregnant.  Lekwaa wishes to start a business with her Russian associate, Yuri, but they have yet to find the right idea. Lekwaa introduces Yuri to Brock, but then leaves to take a phone call.  Brock and Yuri drink vodka, toasting Lekwaa.  Brock reveals to Yuri his research to understand telomeres, the mechanism of cell death ("Aria of the Telomeres").  Lekwaa and Yuri quickly exclaim this will be the key to business success "Everything is Possible!", though Brock is skeptical.

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Thanks, Bob.  Not sure exactly if/how this will be used, but it is certainly a fun project to work on for the summer!

Halfway through Act 2 and I thought I'd share my progress, if anyone is interested.  It's hard to parse an opera without real singers, but I am particularly happy with this orchestral transition section, so wanted to share in particular:

Here's all that I've written so far:

Wow! Love the transition!  Very dramatic.. the whole-note climbing fragments, overlapping - very effective in reaching its grand arrival at 1.05.  Great chord changes there.  (i hear a hint of Shostakovich..)  Fantastic work!

I really enjoyed this. I love the music. And the story is interesting-- to say the least. I'll be keen on hearing the rest.

Thanks for listening, Gregorio and Joseph.  Gregorio, I wasn't thinking of Shostakovich, but he certainly is one of my favorites!

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