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Hello, I would like to share my new piece. I hope you'll like it :)

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Thank you for listening :)

In this piece there are many different scales. Maybe i shouldn't call it Etude in F-sharp major, but i go back to this scale often. When i compose I have a habit to change prmary scale. But I think it isn't bad, and my piece is more interesting. I am self-taught, so I do not know a lot of rules of musical composing.  I'm glad you like it :)


As Bob says this is an interesting piece and as an etude it displays technique and some of the sounds that a piano is capable of.  The musical effect of this is of course up to you, I suppose etudes might not be aimed at the average listener, but the ones that are famous certainly have musical qualities along with technical challenges.  I'd like to hear your ideas developed more into longer phrases with fewer cadences. Sustaining long and repetitive but still musical ideas is a test of both performer and composer. I don't know if you have a score for this but working from a score will help with extending ideas and giving the piece continuity.

Hubert, it's certainly interesting. I found it hard to find themes - some repetition, with variation, is the stuff that gives a piece continuity. It was continuous movement, continuous rhythm, but didn't flow really well for me.

If you are going to do midi, for this style of music which makes me think of some of the great romantic composers, you need more deviation from a constant tempo, more dynamics. If the software you are using has a "humanize" function in it, a liberal dose of it would be helpful in taking out the sameness, and adding a touch of feeling and passion to the piece.

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