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Hi everybody, I just wanted to share my first upload for a new youtube channel! 

It's my first time working with so many VSTs! I used some parallel equalization and phase reversing for making them sound better and added a little compression in the end. Sadly I didn't have time to polish some parts and change the final chord because I had only 10 hours to produce everything, it was used as a background in a video. Hope you'll like it! Any advice and suggestion will be highly appreciated :)

Aram Shahbazians

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Thanks for the advice! You are right, it doesn't sound really big.

Now I'm working more with phase reversing, reverb and filters to increase the spatial volume. Hope the next one will sound better!


Hi. It is not bad, but lacks development IMHO.

Can you show the score?

Hi! :)

Well the lack of development is done on purpose because it's written as a trailer music and it was used to emphasize other videos. I'm afraid I don't have the score, I had so little time that I recorded everything in the DAW without bothering with the notation! Thanks for the comment btw!

Alch said:

Hi. It is not bad, but lacks development IMHO.

Can you show the score?

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