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A piece for 1st and 2nd Violins, Viola, Cello, Bass, and Piano.
I would also like to know, is if, in the latter part of the piece, playability is the violin part to unrealistic.

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Playable for whom? Is this for orchestra? if so, professional orchestra? (almost definitely) community orchestra/high school orchestra? (depends on how good they are, but the second half would be difficult)

I would be more tempted to question the universal playability of the interval of a 10th in the piano part, but then again I think most pianists have a larger reach than I. I am limited to an octave and therefore tend to limit myself to no more than an octave when writing/arranging for piano.

It would be helpful to see the entire score and not just the first two pages..., but some notes on the score from a string player's perspective: (I realize that this may not be the final look-good ready-to-print version. If so, you can just ignore this!)

1.) Most chamber music I have encountered has put the piano part below the strings (just as you have listed it above).
I am trying to think of a single string/piano ensemble I have played or studied where the piano part is on top, but cannot. Though, that does not mean it could not be placed there...and it does seem to be an orchestral accompaniment to a piano piece.

2) nit-picking alert: the bowing (especially in the viola part) is most easily read up and slightly to the left of the notes. (The easier something is to read, the better a performance you will get!)

3) Vln 2 has two voices in the first measure. If this is written for orchestra, make it clear whether you want divisi or non divisi--either is possible. I would be tempted to suggest that the C be written in Layer 1 and the A in Layer 2 (if you are using Finale, don't know Sibelius)--that way it is easier to understand the rests!

4) The fast passages interchanged amongst the voices (i.e. around 5 minutes) might flop in's not impossible per se, but dangerous. (That does not mean you should take it out--there are exposed, dangerous places in almost every orchestral piece of any length: that's why there are rehearsals!)

I really like the beginning & the part at about 1 & 1/2 and 3 & 1/2 minutes! Overall I like the piece, though found some of the repetitions of ideas, well, too repetative (sp?), but agree that if that is your intent, then keep it.

p.s. Could you go dissect my pieces, please?! :)
1)Thank you for the review, i hadn't noticed the pdf was incomplete so ive fixed it. Im still working with the piece, and done have a fear around that 5 minute marker where the piece starts to really jump.

2) The piece is sort of piano piano accompaniment though it doesn't have the same feel to me without the orchestra behind it.

3) I'm a bassist so im really trying to work on working from a violin/violas perspective when composing. Im still in high school 17, and so im most likely going to alter the latter parts of the piece for my school orchestra.
That's arbitrary aspect of the piece is what i fear, im 17 in high school and so I, outside of my orchestra teacher, dont have access to any actually professional musicians who could play the latter half of the piece. Not to say my peers aren't great but what's hard is hard.

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