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This is a piece I started a few yrs. ago and decided to brush off the dust

and 'polish'  up a bit. My question is, w/ regard to expression markings,

Is there a general rule of thumb or guideline as to what's too little and

whats too much - and how much do leave up to the 'interpreter' ?

 ( objective vs. subjective )


This was my 1st attempt at a Waltz and I am self taught and enrolled in the

learn- as- you- go school of music, so any constructive pointers

will be appreciated    Thanks

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Usually, it can depend on the performer, but it can depend on the type of piece as well. If the piece is expressive, then you can add all the expression you want, but i usually limit it to molto espressivo or piu rubato. That gets the desired effect from my performer without saying too much. Other than that, there is no limit. (if you look at one of Alban Berg's orchestral scores, he marks expression for every single part!)

By the way, i enjoyed this waltz. It had an enjoyable Chopinesque flavor to it.



Hi Bob , thanks for your interest   I'm trying to find a way to convert and send

       but so far no success   I'll keep trying til it works or I can email   Roger

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