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Hello dear members.

my subsmission of the day is a piece for string quartet inspired by the second quartet by Morton Feldman.

It's very slow in tempo and is totaly deprived of melody. Rather the emphasis is on rythm, dynamics and colour.

I'ld be gratefull for any feed back

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I feel like it's a bit long, but hey, whatever floats your boat! Kind of sounds like those recordings of the sound of traveling across Saturn's rings.

I listened to the whole piece.

I find I have to respond to it not as an individual work but as an example of a type of music which I know is very popular among composers today.  I find I can't understand such works, because I'm unable to identify in myself any emotional correlative to what I'm hearing.  Such works may be skillful and technically accomplished -- if anything too much so: they seem to me to be illustrations of theory rather than works of art.  Theory is fine, but theory is just the paint; mixing it and mixing it won't create the picture.

It was most somnolent. I'm ok with most kinds of sound organisation at the right time, this being no exception. So there's little to say. I'm vaguely familiar with Morton Feldman and some of his mates though my attraction to American 20th Century music.

I listened 1 1/2 times, the latter 1/2 an attempt to detect "rhythm, dynamics and colour" but couldn't honestly discern them. They seemed absent. Sure, you can have rhythm at extremely slow tempi but it ceases to emerge as rhythm to me when the periodicity is too long. Otherwise as a work contemporary with the American experimental era, it's fine.  

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