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Hi guys, 

This is what I'm working on at the moment, so still work in progress, but I hope this will give you an idea. Follows on from the style of my first two Emotudes (see my Youtube channel, but I felt this needed a larger full orchestral setting. Finished work will be approx 30mins long! Hope it makes you smile. Many thanks.


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I enjoyed you Emotude lll for Piano and Orchestra. It was pleasant and uplifting music with a good theme. I thought the orchestral work was well developed and fit well with the piano. 

This whole piece gives me the feeling of positive motion. Has a western feel to it. Involves much of the orchestra. Great variation in dynamics. Nice changes all through.

Thanks for sharing.

I find this music tremendously beautiful. It doesn't need to be longer, just find a perfect ending for this movement and you have a first class piece of music. Your next movement is hopefully a contrast, mixing a contrast rich piece to your beginning smooth and slow movement will give an uplifting experience.

A very good start to a coming brilliant piano concerto. I look forward to it.



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