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Hello colleagues,

Here are the entries for the Spring 2007 "Emotions" contest. Entrants were asked to write a piece which evokes a single emotion, any instrumentation, duration up to 5 minutes. Voting is by the membership of this site. You may vote here: Deadline to vote is May 14, 5pm EST

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Composer A - "Quiet Expectations"


Composer C - "Gift and Take" - Composer's comment on this piece: "The emotion for this music is 'Hope"

Composer D - "Ferð" - Composer's comment on this piece: "Hope in Sorrow is the emotion of this piece"


Composer E - "Hope" - Composer's comment on this piece: "Perhaps Hope is not an emotion, as such. But it is an emotional piece."


Composer F - "Morning Joy"

Composer G - "Barley Wine" - Composer's comment on this piece "Sorrow"


Composer H - "Pezzo che esprime il timore davanti al Dio Giove" - Composer's comment on this piece: "

Here is "background" information about the title, and the "emotion" evoked.
Title: Pezzo che esprime il timore davanti al Dio Giove – Awe before the God Jupiter.
The music is evoked by this story.
The plebian Titus Latinius has a dream that tells him the leading dancer at the recent games was not to Jove's liking, and that he should tell the consuls.  He foolishly ignores the dream.  His son immediately dies, and Titus then has another dream in which a phantom asks him if he had been "paid sufficiently for spurning the gods."  Yet, Titus is still embarrassed and feels ashamed to come forward.  Ultimately, and while near death himself, Titus Latinius is carried forth and speaks to the consuls. He gives them Jove's message. Having done his duty, a miracle occurs—he is healed and walks haltingly back to his home on his own two feet."

Composer I - "Reverence" - Composer's comment on this piece: "This piece could be considered either a sacred composition or a secular work depending on how you decide to interpret the meaning. Scored for SSAA, boy soloist, percussion, cello, and accompaniment track, the words and key of the cello melody contradict each other. The piece starts off with a soprano vocal soloist singing, “Rule me, and don’t even touch me,” but while the boy soloist sings these words from Revelation 21:4: “He will wipe away all tears from their eyes, there will be no more death, no more grief or crying or pain, the old things have disappeared,” the SSAA choir sings these words, “And binding with briars all my joys and desires,” depicting the church’s hold on man’s nature, and although the cello is playing the melody from the hymn “Amazing Grace,” it is not in the original major key but a solemn minor key."

Voting on the "Emotions" begins now! You may vote here: Deadline to vote is May 14, 5pm EST

The fun categories part is messed up. You can vote for several compositions in a single category, but you can't vote for a single composition in several categories. Should be the other way around, I imagine.

I am immediately assuming that Composer H is Serenity "Oo" Laine.

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