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Hey all,

This is my latest track and last in the "Emerald" series. The objective was to tie together bits of all the prior tracks in both subtle and not so subtle ways.. As always comments and critiques are much appreciated!



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Its pleasant, and definitely ambient. I guess if you want your music to fade into the background that is fine. I didnt get really a sense of anything pulling me towards the music. It sounded like it was on the verge of being very minimalistic in the philip glass sense but didnt commit to it. So instead its sounds like a lot of arpeggios. After awhile I wanted something more.

The harmonic language is pretty, but also very safe and lacks that spark that makes me really crave the piece more. I wish their was more risk taking in the piece but other than that its a pretty piece.

Very lovely, nicely recorded, but I also felt it begged for something more. I have not listened to a lot of minimalist music, but the pieces I did enjoy did venture into some interesting areas of tonality and rhythm.

I really appreciate all of your candid responses.

Bob, the intent of the piece was to tie up the loose ends as it were to a short collection of pieces I wrote inspired by a transitional time in my life. I suppose you would have to listen to them all to decide whether I was successful in that regard (which I don't expect you to do for this discussion of course).

Tyler, I can appreciate what you say about risks. It's a stylistic preference of mine to develop the music in a minimalist manner but my problem seems to be doing so in a way that still holds interest. It should be said that almost all of my music is either directly improvised or tweaked from an improvisation and this is probably where the difficulties come in. It's important to me to continue to compose in that manner but I am definitely becoming more and more aware of technical aspects as I go on. 

"R", I'm not quite sure I can hear the sound you're finding bothersome. I can try and tweak some possible culprits in future recordings and see what happens. 

Peter, do you mean performers of classical music or contemporary composers themselves? 

Rick, thank you. Your comments echo what Tyler mentioned so clearly with the consensus there must be something to it! Also just a note for those wondering about the recording, it's all live-recorded vst instruments in Sonar. Specifically, Imperfect Samples Fazioli and Omnisphere 2. 

Hey there Robert, an enjoyable enough  piece. The Chord changes at 113 ansd 116

seemed 'awkward' and there was nothing else in this work that they seemed to relate to.

To me, this was an irregular modulation that didn't work with this piece. It has a nice mood and

flow otherwise.        Roger

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