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Hello to all members,

Voting for the Elements Contest has begun, and you may vote up until the deadline of May 12, 5 pm EST. All the entries for the four elements are below. For each element, there is a separate survey to use to vote.

Vote for Air here

Vote for Earth here

Vote for Fire here

Vote for Water here

Good luck to all the contestants, and please all, do not post anything about entries on this site while the voting is ongoing!

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Jon, please check PM from me and give me a response when you can -

Thank you Gav for doing all this work!

Thanks Clifton, these contests are a lot of fun, too!

Aaaaand we're off to a good start! At least 7 members have submitted 21 surveys so far! After a few more responses, I will start giving some more details about the responses (without revealing specific composers or works). Deadline to vote is May 12, 5 pm EST.

Thanks Gav for all the work. 

This is my first contest on this site. 

Thanks Andrew! Glad you were able to come on board!

I enjoyed having a chance to hear what others are doing. At the very least, I am hearing ideas I can begin incorporating in my own work. Thanks!

You eat my musical treats at your own risk. I take no responsibility for the side effects which may include dizziness, levitation and astral travel. If these symptoms persist please consult your nearest musicologist.   

At least 11 members have filled out 37 surveys and made 29 comments so far. Nobody is looking like a runaway winner at this point! After some more submissions, I will come back with some more details (without revealing anything about specific composers or works). Deadline to vote is May 12, 5 pm EST.

Hi Gav,

I have not participated in this contest, but I want to vote as a listener.

I have made up my mind of what piece to vote for in the air element, but I have not heard the other 3 elements yet, I will do so in due course.

Can I vote for air now, or I should wait and vote four all four at once? The reason I'm asking is that I noticed another voter saying that he could not vote for other elements once he had voted for only one.

Can I comment also in this thread at present? I am not clear about this.

Hi Socrates,

You can vote separately for each element, and voting for one will not prevent you from voting for another. Most of the people who have already voted did so for multiple elements. Only one person reported trouble, and they can reach out to me if they want to pursue the issue further.


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