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Here are three of the Elements Contest Pieces that won something.

Feedback and comments are welcome!

I had wanted to modify High Mountain Stream, but I have been having problems with my computer/piano USB link.  Since a lot of it is improvisatory there's no way I can click in the notes that I want.  So anyway, this is the version I submitted to the contest.

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I appreciate your feedback!  Most of the first 2 were improvised.  I know I need to work on some of the timing, though I am currently stuck with computer problems that prevent me.  The voice in Blue-Green World is Jennifer from 8-DIO - some of the best money I've ever spent!

Michael Hamby said:

Wow these are good, my favorite is definitely Blue-Green World. The reason being is that it sounded more thought out then the other two. My opinion is that the first 2 sound a bit rushed and have what sound like timing errors to my ears, mainly it could be that it sounds improvised. Is that you singing in Blue-Green, or a plugin? Great job, I really enjoyed these :)!

Cool stuff Emily, they're all good but I llke the aggressive drive of flame, sometimes a little "roughness" enhances the whole effect, for me at least. Thanks for posting.

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