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Hi everyone,

A few days ago I posted some music for you guys to give feedback on. This time I ask you again but a little backstory is needed. 

My sister who turned 15 four months ago suffered from depression and anxiety since she was about 14 years old. She has had many different treatments and from august 2016 to february 2017 was put in a clinic because of several suicide attempts. In march, when her problems seemingly had gotten less bad she was allowed to go home again. she had her birthday on march 17th and made another attempt on her own life the night after. This time she succeeded and she was found the day after. 

I had a hard time coping with it as we used to be quite close. One way of proccessing it for me personally is to write music and so I wrote her an elegy. I tried to convey the deepest emotions in myself whilst writing it and I finished it this morning. It is a relatively short piece (about 2 minutes) but it covers all that is needed. Please tell me what you guys think of it.

Best, Marijn

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Please accept and extend to all of your family and friends my deepest heartfelt sympathies on your loss. The music is extraordinarily beautiful , touching and PERFECT, as is..I wouldnt change a note or anything,  and keep it just from you as it is. From your heart to hers.

Im so very sorry for your loss.

Thanks Bob

M H ,my sympothies for your loss. The piece is 'touching'.and fitting.

Bob said it well, 'from your heart to hers'.       RS

That is incredibly sad, I hope you continue to cope with such a terrible thing.

Without wishing to seem insensitive though, the music seems mainly that of John Williams; "Talk of Podracing" and "Across the Stars". One of those happy accidents of composition or the best way for you to work through the situation? (which I completely understand, no-one does sadness quite like Williams.)

My deepest sympathy for your loss Marijn.


Lovely piece of music with good melodic/harmonic ideas, and I thought, purifying feeling!

Gee dave, that is very asstute. (and thanks for letting me slide on my misspelled word )

Closure is an important aspect of healing, and shouldn't be nit picked.

Even if  Marijn quoted a poem that someone else wrote, verbatim, the sentiment would

remain intact. It's the spirit of the thing, not the thing itself. Somewhat similar to a misspelled

word. The essense of the message can be interpreted above and beyond the details.

The crux of the biscuit's the apostrophe. Zappa    (1st definition - Webster)

Your indignation isn't required, Roger. I have my own traumatic memories of the death of my mother, so I'm fully aware of the importance of music as the only real closure mechanism I have. It does not make me nitpicky, or an ass, to be genuinely curious - without judgement or condemnation - why an elegy written for a departed loved one is predominantly someone else's music. If I've offended Marijn, I'll apologise, but he asked what we think and those are my thoughts. Perhaps at least wait for his reply before unleashing your condemnation?

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