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if you don't mind) your opinion is very important for me!

Dave Dexter said:

Do you want us to say anything about them?

Hi Artur,

I notice since you joined you have posted your music but not commented on things others have posted. Hope you'll take a minute and listen to other people's music and offer your comments. A composer who only posts their own works here and never comments on things others have posted is not really participating in the community to the fullest extent, and may notice that over time, the comments on their own works become fewer and fewer as a result. Also, following Dave's comment - when you post multiple works all together, many of us will not listen to it (me, for example) - it's too much time you are asking of us. Please post just one piece at a time so that we can focus on it. Many of us here have jobs we work at and limited time (less than we would wish!) to devote to our own compositions, let alone set aside a half hour or more to listen to a collection of works by someone else.

Do keep posting! and share with the members your thoughts on their works when you can,

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