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Please help! I found this 'Thing" in my notation software. I don't know what it is or where it came from. I'm posting it here to try to get rid of it. But it just keeps growing. I may have to blow up the computer if I can't get a handle on it.

It won't stop playing.

It's...... coming......

PS Don't listen, Roger.

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Hi Bob, don't worry as long as it's not a virus you'll be OK!. 

I like this because it's surprising, new and different. I don't think that it will crack my top ten list at this time, but we'll see.

It occurs to me that perhaps you are having fun with the "new music" crowd?

I think he may be using my comment about writing a fugue in heavy metal style as inspiration for writing the "thing" that I admitted was beyond my capabilities. :-P  Well played, Bob! ;-)

Not nearly enough meter changes. meter changes.

Well, someone once told me that composing was supposed to be fun. Not necessarily dry and academic, but full of challenge and out-right joy. I couldn't write a real fugue to save my life. I love a good fugue. This is nothing like a good fugue. It is kind of a little bit fun, but in an annoying sort of way. I hope I find who infected my computer with it. I wish they had left some real music. As it is, my computer turns itself on in the middle of the night and starts playing this. Only lately it's been a version with marimba and distortion guitar. Argh! 

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