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This is a reflective piece about nature.

Best Wishes,


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Hi Saul,

This piece seems to me a standout amongst the pieces I have seen you post here. It's pretty and has a floating, ambient quality to it which I quite like. It also seems to have more of a rooting in our times than I normally see in your posts, which is a direction I personally like to see any composer go in. The melody in particular I think is well done, and the little pop-ins of sound, bells, percussion, and etc. are well done and add to the overall effect. The piece has a minimal kind of ending, which normally I find unsatisfying, but here, it works. Thanks for sharing!


Hi Gav,

Thank You for your kind comments. Yes indeed it has a contemporary sound and is not what I usually compose. 

The piece floats freely and with that I wanted to create this sense of natural wildness where things are not structured and predictable quit like nature.

Best Wishes,


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