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Hello Guys,

This is my new track, I hope you'll like it! 

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I like this! It goes places that I wouldn't have guessed with the melody. It has a very "euro" sound to my ears and a bit on the techno side, but still melodious enough to be listenable.

The one niggling thing to me is much of the voicing is in the treble range (even the bass has a very higher-end sound than having any true bass feel). That can tend to burn a listener out after a while if the music is all in the same EQ range... so it might be something to look at.

Otherwise, very adventuresome and makes me picture things. 



I would echo what Keith said especially regarding the bass. I felt like it just kept begging out to me to drop and get that full low end that would really expand the dynamic range of the track. Overall though I like the feel and could see it in some kind of steampunk dystopian video game. 


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