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This duet has the form of a song with singable themes. Actually I have here borrowed a theme from my countryman LE Larsson, it has to be said. Maybe you have heard it, it is a rather famous tune.

I hope you like this rather simple piece and give it a comment.


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Hi Massimo,

thank you very much for your kind words. Much appreciated.



Massimo Santi said:

Fantastic piece! So direct and simple, the flute really speaks and the harmonies bring you places! thank you for posting!

Looking forward to hear more stuff, it was a pleasure to listen,

All the best


Good to hear that he is somewhat known, since he was a great composer, probably the best Swedish composer.

The theme I borrowed from him is taken from Movement Romans of the work Pastoral Suite, Op 19.

It appears after a couple of minutes.



Fabio Biolcati said:

Nice to read of Lars-Erik Larsson here.

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