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This is an arrangement for viola and piano of a piece I wrote originally for violin (and piano).

The viola is a lot more versatile an instrument than it is often given credit for.

Realisation is Vienna Symphonic Library for both instruments.

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Hi. I liked its nice minimalistic feel.

Glissandi did not sound very realistic to me.

Interesting, imaginative and inventive, like all your work, David. There is always an intensity, an edge, to your music, which is very compelling. I don't know why Alch refers to it as minimalist. Just having an ostinato figure doesn't make a piece minimalistic. I agree, the viola is underutilized. I love the pieces that do feature it: Harold In Italy (Berlioz), and of course Debussy's magnificent Sonata For Flute, Viola And Harp. I always enjoy hearing your work, sir.

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