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Would anybody using Dorico care to comment about how it stacks up to other notation software?  I'd be interested in knowing what you think about a few things:

- Does it allow you to compose more freely than with Sibelius (e.g. without barlines/time sigs)

- Is it faster for editing (I've heard about Insert mode)

- Does it allow for more control of Playback via Midi editing (like a DAW does)

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I think it much better to ask these and any other questions on the official Dorico forum:

Not only are there many very knowledgeable users there, but Daniel Spreadbury and other Steingberg Dorico staff always seem to be around to answer questions, take suggestions etc.

Thanks Bob

PS Also pls see:

Dorico Operation Manual:

Dorico Online help:

Thanks Bob

Thanks Bob, but I'm hoping for some first hand feedback from composers on this forum rather than from the Dorico forum.

Youre very welcome--I dont think youre going to get what you want to find out here, which is why I suggested the forum--but I hope you do find out everything you want to know.

Thanks Bob


I've owned Dorico almost from the day it was first released but I only started using it as my primary notation tool about 6 months ago. The reason was (as most Dorico uers would probably agree) that it wasn't really close to being a finished product until the recent major update (v 1.1.10). It still has a number of bugs/glitches which are really annoying (you can get a list of them from the dorico forum) but the one I really hate is in playback. When I start playback (usually in Galley view) they playback cursor freezes and you need to refresh the page by switching to page view and then back again. (I'm a  macbook pro user so I don't know if this is common to windows). Note selection is also affected by screen freezing.

Most of the issues with dorico are known by the development team and are due to be sorted in the periodic free updates.

I find dorico very intuitive and easy to use - I also have Musescore and Sibelius 8 which I no longer use. I started to use Sibelius at release 7 (I took out a subscription) but I was able to use this as the basis of an educatinal cross-grade to Dorico so it didn't cost me much.

As Bob mentions, you can get a lot of info on the Dorico forum, both technical and from onther composers on workflow etc along with some interesting stuff on the projects composers have used it on - you can also get a 30day free trial.

I use Halion 6, Vienna SE 1 and the Konzerthaus organ (full edition). VSL is a bit problematic since there are no expression maps specifically for dorico yet, but maybe soon there will be.

Regards, Colin

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