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Would anybody using Dorico care to comment about how it stacks up to other notation software?  I'd be interested in knowing what you think about a few things:

- Does it allow you to compose more freely than with Sibelius (e.g. without barlines/time sigs)

- Is it faster for editing (I've heard about Insert mode)

- Does it allow for more control of Playback via Midi editing (like a DAW does)

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I think it much better to ask these and any other questions on the official Dorico forum:

Not only are there many very knowledgeable users there, but Daniel Spreadbury and other Steingberg Dorico staff always seem to be around to answer questions, take suggestions etc.

Thanks Bob

PS Also pls see:

Dorico Operation Manual:

Dorico Online help:

Thanks Bob

Thanks Bob, but I'm hoping for some first hand feedback from composers on this forum rather than from the Dorico forum.

Youre very welcome--I dont think youre going to get what you want to find out here, which is why I suggested the forum--but I hope you do find out everything you want to know.

Thanks Bob

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