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This is a ABC-CBA song of mine in 9/4 rhythm that some friends recorded last year.

The A & B sections are in Hicaz mode and the central C sections in Sabah mode.

I thought there was no point in submiting a score, as the performers (who cannot read music anyway) did it quite well by just memorizing the melody and the modal scheme and just playing it on bouzouki and guitar and singing it.

Any comments on composition, recording, etc, are welcome.


A rough translation of my Greek text:




I'm a tortured life,

I'm a nocturnal soul,

I'm a fed up heart,

empty of love.


You say, you're also lonely,

you can endure no more,

you also, a boat without a steering wheel,

without rowlocks, without oars?


Perhaps you also have felt

a shelterless weather,

which, whether burning you or freezing you,

it always brings you solitude.


And maybe you have understood

the frost and the fire,

that freezes me or burns me,

in the north and the south winds.


Narrate to me your every mishap,

and since you can endure no more,

make a lesson out of bitterness,

but don’t talk to me about loneliness.


I'm a tortured life,

I'm a nocturnal soul,

I'm a fed up heart,

empty of love.


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Very moving, very touching music straight from the heart..EXTREMELY well done, Socrates, with kudos to the performers also. Thanks for sharing :)

Thanks Bob

Thanks for your appreciation Bob.

I am going to see the same performers in 1-2 weeks' time and hopefully record some more songs with them, so I will give your kudos! :-)

Thanks so much Socrates--and I look forward to more of your music with them :)

Thanks Bob

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