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Does anyone own DVZ Strings? And, if so, what do you think of it as a composition and recording tool? How would you rate the realism of its legato, portamento, glissando, runs, and solo instruments?


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I've checked out the demo's and have to say out of all the similar priced libraries out there, DVZ wins hands down. LASS is the same price but doesn't have half the control that DMZ offers AND is quite clunky to use by all accounts. As it's also very unlikely i'll ever get an invite to join the illustrious clientele of the holy grail that is Spitfire Audio, DMZ is the nearest to heaven i can hope for ;-) The only stumbling block is the asking price, although i consider it VFM.


My two pence,



Thanks for your reply, Sam. The demos at DVZ are provocative, aren't they? Thanks for informing me of the existence of Spitfire Audio. Their demos sound amazing! However, they are way out of my price range!


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