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Hello dear members

here's a short violin solo using the whole tone scale and the chromatic scale

Feedback appreciated

Have a good one!


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Hi Christophe

I've listened to this several times and I find I can sit back and enjoy listening to it. At the risk of being pedantic, I would describe it a a short work for solo violin rather than a short violin solo. To me there is quite a musical diffrence between a violin solo (with the implication that it is part of a larger ensemble), and a work for solo violin (which is complete in and of itself). 

If I approach Divided in terms of the latter then it makes more sense to me. My overall impression is one of uniformity in tempo and rhythm - which is fine, but as someone who doesn't listem much to whole tone compositions my ear is searching for something a bit more melodically satisfying.

Thanks, Colin

I agree with Colin. It's easy to listen to. The sound has a lovely presence to it - enough reverberation but doesn't blur it.

Nice work.

Thnaks for the feeed back, Colin and Dane!


Sort of recalls Debussy's Syrinx For solo flute. not that it appears influenced by it, but the same general idea. Very haunting. Enjoyed it.

Thnaky you Michael!

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