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Performing at the Piano my work titled:

Distant Shores



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I really liked this one. Not sure if  you wanted comments on the construction. Was this an improvisation or did you notate it out? Either way it's well done!

This could serve as the back drop for a full orchestra compo. 

I did notice a lack of space on my headphones. The tune has a more mono sound to it IMHO. Sometimes players do this intentionally to sound more intimate. I usually give my mixes a bit more space.

Thank you for your comments Timothy, glad you enjoyed the music.

I was thinking of composing a melody in the Key of A major, something relaxing and meditative.

The final product that you see here is the culmination of number of attempts until I was satisfied with the result.

So this is like a hybrid between improvisation and thoughtful analysis of the piece. I can create a score by extracting the midi file and editing it with finale or Sibelius. The mini sound was done on purpose it give it a unity and connection, like one big musical idea that is connected from beginning to end.

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