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Found an old song I wrote back in the 90’s complete with vocal. It was recorded on a Tascam 8 track cassette back before DAW’s, or PC’s for that matter. Back when dinosaurs roamed the Earth. I was living in eastern Washington state at the time and it was summer. One day there were some state workers out in the blazing sun gathered around a baby rattlesnake near a little park. I was worried they would harm the snake. Fortunately they didn’t, they just moved it far away from where they were working. I wrote this silly song about it. Would probably be a good children’s song if not for the fact it’s about a RATTLESNAKE... hehehe. Just posting it for sh*ts and giggles. Not a great quality recording.

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Don't dismiss the words and given the medium, the production is pretty good. (I remember trying to compile music on an old Fostex 4-track, no dolby and the reverb pulled from my Project 80 synthesiser. No further comment except you've done far better than me. This would have passed as a demo in its time, surely.)

It's a great song. Loved it. Several reasons -

The harmony is more than your usual complicated and very engaging to anyone who's left the mundane behind. The cadence at 0'10" and 0'23" and further on, caught me out! I still can't work out how you did it. I'm not going to try - kind of magical, it may break the spell. Brilliant, anyway.

And then, what seems to be the chorus - 0'26" to 0'50" - everything fits - the vocal line rising to the top at Baby snake, the harmony, the vocal quality which comes across with passion. Its repeat at 1'15" even more so. Possibly because the singer was at the top end of his vocal range - they sometimes call it one's tessitura. The words following Diamond back, baby snake, the second time you set it slightly differently to bring it back to the opening harmony.

I liked the ending - letting the instrumental do a partial repeat and ending on an upward gliss. It's an excellent well-balanced arrangement and the performance is class. Absolutely worth keeping. It's reminiscent of some composers of the late 60s - 70s in that it explores far more adventurous harmony than any run-of-the-mill pop stuff around then and certainly now.

I shall be back to listen again. I mean, for goodness sake, it's good. If you did it all yourself, congrats. Glad you posted it.

I'll have a listen to your other new item further down in the morning. Bloomin' freezing here so beddibies calls!  


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