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Hello all,

An impressionist piece inspired by some storyboard sketches. Just to say there are sensual implications – the sequence involved two people informing without words their growing fondness for each other – eventually leaving the scene hand in hand or something like that. Shadows grow long.

I started a folio of “landscapes” some while back, this being written about a year ago, recently converted to new samples. It seemed an inspiration to act on at the time.

Please for any comment good or bad for which I’ll be most grateful –

but… it’s slow, somnolent, twilit.  Maybe good for insomnia If you feel like a snooze?! ...Cave Audientis!

Bascially tonal. Written for Cor Anglais, 2 Horns, solo Cello and Strings. The Cor Anglais appears at 1’43”.

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Hey, and thanks again for these most supportive comments. I'm complimented by your listening. 

Stephen: ZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Glad you enjoyed your sleep - LOL - shame that I pruned the thing back. Originally it ran to 8 1/2 minutes so you could have had a longer nap...but it was starting to put me to sleep too so I cut it back a bit... easy to do on a short score but removing it in a DAW is a right nightmare what with things going out of step so easily. All grist to the semibreve. Sincere thanks for your comments. They inform me that most of my intention was achieved. Much appreciated,  

M41: Bingo!

Ingo Lee said:

Hmmm, Frank Zappa!?

No, no it's that other guy , mmm,  mo, mo, mozzie,  Salieri?

michael diemer said:

I could give you the number, but it would be a dead giveaway.

Dane Aubrun said:

Michael. I'm intrigued to know whom your third fave composer is! 


The more I hear your stuff the more I like it. Yes, I see the desert scene you’ve depicted. It works, it totally works. Great job!

There’s something mystifying in your stuff, can’t put my finger on it.

It’s like I step out of a plane arms and legs flailing as I try in vein to get my footing. Ahhh, there’s a cloud, I can stand on that! Oops, that didn’t work... (rinse and repeat) until finally I’m forced to realize that my feet just aren’t going to help me in the situation and so I start to relax and just enjoy the free fall.

Thanks for helping me to learn to skydive (musically speaking).

I’ve always thought; “If you hear a piece of music and don’t come out of it humming then it wasn’t worth remembering”.

That’s short sighted on my part. Just because there’s no hook to grab a hold of doesn’t mean it’s not worth remembering.

In fact, your stuff kind of stimulates the brain to say “What was that I heard the other day” it was interesting and evoked imagery and the only way for me to experience that again is to listen to it again. Very clever way to trick us into listening again and again. It’s like “What did that woman look like? Her face is fuzzy in my mind” Then you see her again and say “Oh yeah” now I remember... “She’s gorgeous”!

Then you end up marrying her!

The textures and images are really powerful. I really liked the woodwind textures, and the changes in composition dynamics. 

Thanks for sharing.

Sincere thanks for these comments. Most appreciated. 

I think there are small 'touch-ups' that could be done but I'll now write out a neat score and see if I can do anything with it. From the many comments here it seems that with just a little more work, the rendering would be an ok mock-up to put in the folio.



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