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Hello all,

An impressionist piece inspired by some storyboard sketches. Just to say there are sensual implications – the sequence involved two people informing without words their growing fondness for each other – eventually leaving the scene hand in hand or something like that. Shadows grow long.

I started a folio of “landscapes” some while back, this being written about a year ago, recently converted to new samples. It seemed an inspiration to act on at the time.

Please for any comment good or bad for which I’ll be most grateful –

but… it’s slow, somnolent, twilit.  Maybe good for insomnia If you feel like a snooze?! ...Cave Audientis!

Bascially tonal. Written for Cor Anglais, 2 Horns, solo Cello and Strings. The Cor Anglais appears at 1’43”.

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Hi Dane

Love the slightly sinister bass tones in the strings. Reminds me very much of the colours and textures Sibelius used to great effect in painting landscapes - the high strings are especially Sibelian, the Cor Anglais sounds just perfect where an oboe might have been a tad on the high side (I think a bassoon would would fit in really well with this piece).

I wasn't seeing any human presence in my minds eye as I was listening to it - more a feeling of desolation and emptiness.

Great work. Colin

Very nice Dane, great sound.  That's a good blend of instruments and good orchestration too.  I liked the dramatic cello passages in the second half.  Heck it kept me awake past nap time!

Hi Dane,

I think this piece is very affecting and well done. It certainly establishes a dark mood, which was your aim I can tell, and maintains it quite well with interesting aural splotches of unexpected color stabbing through here and there. I find your hamonies interesting and fresh. Thanks for sharing!


Many thanks indeed for your comments which have been very kind. They hint that it stands alone much as it is so I may write out a neat score. 

Unfortunately a couple of others in that same folio convey a dark(ish) mood and I am taking steps to lighten up. Trouble is, if I find myself in a major key it usually turns into light music! Nothing wrong with that, I suppose. 

But again, thanks. Much appreciated. 

Cheers, Dane.


Dane, what can I say, I feel exhausted after this tremendous emotional beauty. There is a mood in the music that absorbs the listener irresistibly into a state of loneliness and isolation, being completely alone with one's own thoughts formed by the music..

I can't help associate with some Debussy mood although I cannot point out which particular work that would be.

Great work!


Very good - commented on soundcloud. Thanks a lot.

Beautiful music, Dane, and beautifully realized with your virtual instruments. It is very impressionistic, with color being the organizing principle. It washes through the listener like the gentle breeze of a quiet evening. Kjell felt exhausted after listening; I feel refreshed! I'm not sure what that means, but I think it's probably good! I also hear some Debussy (how can one write impressionistic music without him?). As for Sibelius, the Cor Anglais does remind one of the Swan Of Tuonela. You used it to great effect. (With Debussy and Sibelius, two of my three favorite composers have been mentioned. The third? Well, I heard his last symphony about the time the fifth planet from the sun was rising last night.

Sincere thanks, guys, for these comments. Much appreciated. 

It seems the work does convey the mood I hoped. 

Michael. I'm intrigued to know whom your third fave composer is! It's a riddle I can't work out since I don't have the planetary times and even then I doubt I'd guess. There wasn't a composer called Jupiter! I too get caught up with  Debussy and some Sibelius - I'm more attracted to his tone poems but if there's any parallel with my offering it would be the opening of his 4th Symphony.  

Again, thanks for the comments.   

ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! Oops! I'm awake suddenly and feel nicely refreshed. Dane this is certainly 'mood' music and with one's eyes closed it is easy to imagine the 'hand-in-hand' scenario as the evening draws in. I like the instrumental combo which seems to work well. There are places where one's reverie is disturbed (in the best possible way) i.e. the cello interjection at about the half-way stage and the solo cello later on. At 4:33'ish there is some very subtle harmonic change which is most appealing. As a 'landscape' piece it works well and there are one or two melodic snippets that add great value (cor anglais around 5:20). If you were inclined to make this into more of a performance piece I think those melodic bits could be fruitfully expended upon. Some very pleasing sounds. Thanks for posting.


I could give you the number, but it would be a dead giveaway.

Dane Aubrun said:

Michael. I'm intrigued to know whom your third fave composer is! 

Hmmm, Frank Zappa!?

No, no it's that other guy , mmm,  mo, mo, mozzie,  Salieri?

michael diemer said:

I could give you the number, but it would be a dead giveaway.

Dane Aubrun said:

Michael. I'm intrigued to know whom your third fave composer is! 

This was a very relaxing tune. Nicely done.

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