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This is a song I just barely finished (10 minutes ago). It's based on some of my previous Dark Troubles songs, and uses many themes from those. This is also my fourth song composed using Cubase Studio, and with samples from EWQLSO Silver and Stormdrum 2. So give me your worst criticism! What can I do to make this song better, because it sure isn't anywhere near perfect.

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Hi Jeremiah,

Is this a piece for animation or something? Whatever it is, I like it.

The sounds you have chosen work well together. I particularly like the voices, the flute and the drums.
I like how you made some parts with drums and others without.

I feel as though one or two more bars of introduction would be good (the first 4 seconds could be extended a bit?), rather than starting almost immediately with the theme? Just a thought.

There's one bit with just flute (around 1:23) which adds a nice contrast. You could possibly extend that bit a little, I dunno, although the piece might lose momentum if you do so...

I can't think of any other suggestion...

Good work.

Thanks! I guess I could start it out a bit slower. Maybe with a short build up similar to the part at 1:08. Thanks for the suggestions!

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