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In this contest, members were invited to write a piece based on the idea of "Dancing." Please vote on which you think are the top three entries and offer comments if you have any. Deadline to vote is 03/27/19 at 5 pm EST. Also, do join us on the Composers' Forum after the winners are announced for a discussion about the works in the contest!

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Hi everyone.

A few ordinary words to congratulate and thank.

I am the one who has been classified second place and I am very happy about it !!

First I want to congratulate the winner Nancy Tucker. Without a doubt his piece is great, with a lot of rhythm and color. Also an excellent and very brilliant performance.

As well congratulate Stanley King for also being on the podium. His piece is very well built with very good orchestration.
Congratulations to all the 22 composers who have participated in this contest. The works are very diverse, but you can see a labor done with a lot of endeavor, success and inspiration.

I want to thank all of you who have listened to the 23 works and voted for them. I appreciate who is able to spend a good time listening to and appreciating new music. A particular thanks for those who have taken the trouble to write a comment for each of the works. It is very important that they listen to your music and that they also opine about it.

And to finish also thank the organizer of the contest. Thank you very much Gav Brown for his magnificent and careful work that you have done throughout this process.

Yes, sorry!

(#Tillerich: small correction: my Balletto is strictly classical and has nothing to do with Renaissance...)


Congrats to all the winners, they are well deserved! And thanks to Gav for organizing this contest - it has been a wonderful challenge and a great experience for me, and the results in all their diversity and originality are just amazing!

In case there are some retro buffs out there, here's some additional info about my Totentanz piece:

                           TOTENTANZ (Amiga)

Totentanz ("death waltz") is a bizarre piece of music in the tradition of
Saint-Saens' "Dance macabre": when the clock strikes midnight on the graveyard,
anything can happen...

Composed in 1989 as an "Amiga SoundTracker Module", an early computer music
format that supported 4 voices of 8-KHz samples with 8-bit resolution.

The piece is provided in several forms:
 * an MP3
 * a transcribed piano score
* a Youtube video of an Amiga playing the MOD
* the original MOD format, playable today e.g. via OpenMPT 
 * a piano roll representation taken from OpenMPT (attached)

The original version from 1989, featuring an intro and extended ending,
has been shortend to fit the 2-minute limit of the contest. It can be found here.

All the files - including the original Amiga MOD file and the piano roll - can be found here.

Congratulations to all the winners and the participants of this contest and Thank you to Gav for organizing it.

Best Wishes to All.

Frankly, no surprises.

Congratulations to the winning trio. And very well done to all who competed. 

And, echoing the post above this one, big thanks to Gav for organising these competitions.



Victor Eijkhout said:

D'r zijn hier nog wel meer Nederlanders!

Gelukkig, hoewel ik een Vlaming ben. Fijn hier iets in het Nederlands te horen. Ook collega en vriend R. Robijns  is een Nederlander. Maar de voertaal is uiteraard bij voorkeur Engels, hoewel hier ook nogal wat Duitstaligen en Italianen vertoeven...



Jos Wylin said:

I can't publish my notes here, since they were in Dutch and translating everything would be very time consuming.

Many Thanks to Gab, not only for this competition, but for all the work he does to maintain, moderate  and organise this forum.


Firstly, thank you to all those who gave me 14 points in total. I am so joyful to be in the top 3 :D

Secondly, thanks so much Gav for all the effort you put in to hosting the competition and your generosity of the prizes. I had been disheartened with my composition efforts for some time and this competition gave me the incentive to try again.

Thirdly, thank you to all who posted comments. I really appreciate any constructive criticism. Please feel free to make more comments. If someone can help me improve the first crescendo I would appreciate that very much. I feel it is a bit forced or something. Are the woodwinds unrealistically too loud? Something doesn't feel quite right there (measures 28-29).

Here is a link to the scored version on YouTube.

Congratulations to all the winners! There were a lot of interesting pieces in this contest, I enjoyed listening to all of them.

Hi there,

I wish to thank the whole Forum and Gav for having organized and managed this contest.

I liked many of the pieces, actually I had rated my music 17 or so, then I was suprised of my final ranking, thank you all for this, it is the first time I am in a music contest.

I also thank the people who found the time to comment all the pieces or most of them, reading them is almost as interesting as too. 

I'm happy to have participated to this contest and I am looking forward to having another occasion alike.

Best wishes to all.

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