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In this contest, members were invited to write a piece based on the idea of "Dancing." Please vote on which you think are the top three entries and offer comments if you have any. Deadline to vote is 03/27/19 at 5 pm EST. Also, do join us on the Composers' Forum after the winners are announced for a discussion about the works in the contest!

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Agreed. It seems perverse to me, wanting to vote for one's own entry. Just seems smelly. I didn't enter it so it's of no more concern to me than the principle...and a warning. However, few artists are known for genteel qualities.

Graeme Helliwell said:

I'm sure there's no way to regulate it, but voting for your own work is inconceivable in my humble opinion. What's the point of entering yourself if you can't accept that another composers work is better than yours? It defeats the object of personal growth and development.

It can’t be controlled, so it is allowed

I think this will be fun no matter how the chips fall. It is interesting to hear all of the ideas. I only spoke for myself. I won't do it. If others do not feel the same way, that's ok.

I am not attempting to lay a guilt trip on anyone. I don't see the point in voting for myself because to me this is really not an important vote. 

I am glad I raised the issue as it has brought out useful discussion. It also seems to me most would agree that voting for your own piece is somewhat self congratulatory. I have narrowed it down to 4 pieces and since I won't vote for my own that makes it 3! Just the order to sort out.

17 votes in so far! Deadline to vote is 03/27/19 at 5 pm EST.

Hmm, careful not to "belittle" or dismiss the effort of Gav and everybody here...  After all, it is a 'competition', and therefore has, almost by default, a certain degree of significance. You can take it with a relaxed and open mind, but calling it unimportant for you possibly sounds a bit wrong.

Timothy Smith said:

I am not attempting to lay a guilt trip on anyone. I don't see the point in voting for myself because to me this is really not an important vote. 

 You clearly misunderstood my post Tillerich.

What I am trying to convey is that when one votes for oneself it only shows that you like your work. I think that's pretty much a given that most who made these compositions will like their own work. Why else would you or they have made it the way they did? Should we then assume that everyone will vote for themselves because they like their work the best?  If that is true, then we can automatically deduct a percentage of the vote from each work as unimportant and only count votes 2 and 3 as significant in my thinking. If we think we know the outcome why bother? No matter if the outcomes can't be "controlled" by Gav voting for oneself sort of takes some of the effectiveness of the vote away if the goal is to determine what composers think of others work. If the goal is only to win a competition then I guess it doesn't matter.

I think we are all mature enough to be able to look at our own piece of work with some fresh eyes (and ears) in the context of the collection of submissions here, and then make a judgement - not just stay fully attached to our own "baby", regardless of the other entries.

That is what I meant in my first comment. If I think that my work stands very well amongst the others, then I believe, I should not have to restrain myself from voting for myself, just because of a somewhat rigid sense of moral obligation (or peer pressure etc.). If I can recognise, that the pieces of others are clearly better, then it is fair to acknowledge this by voting genuinely to reflect this. 

Okay, some may just not be able to recognise this, but I think, that this will be the minority in this forum (where people are keen to get and give honest feedback).

 If we all only voted for ourselves then why have a competition? My so called "baby" as you call it is just composition. If I win life goes on if I loose life goes on.

I think that if you look in the mirror you will see that YOU are the one who is judging here. I clearly said that I wasn't insisting my opinions  be on anyone else. Go back and read what I posted here. I do think it diminishes the effectiveness of the process. 

The prizes have been uploaded to the store:

Please stop being so condescending, Tillerich. Mature indeed! How rude. Applied to a person it means that the person has no further to go. The definition seems to be fully developed, reached the last stage in a process. 

Anyway, I'm not going to set up debate. 

The anomaly remains. Judges of any sort are never usually allowed to enter an object of their own in a competition which they will judge, mature or not. This is unusual.

My last word on it. Like I said, to me it was a warning. 

I am sorry if anyone felt offended or provoked by what I said.

I challenged the proposal that there is a definite rule for or against the option to vote for oneself, if one so wishes. We can agree or disagree on that. I seem to be in a minority with my opinion on it and fully accept that.

Secondly, I felt that the massive effort that Gav puts into making this all happen (in his own time, all for us) was possibly kind of overlooked or not fully acknowledged by reducing the significance of this competition. Perhaps that was oversensitive on my part and not necessary. I apologise if my way or attempt of supporting him and the, overall, semi-serious spirit of this event, seems to have turned out to feel like a personal attack or such on somebody.  

I hope that this may close the matter and difference of positions on good terms. Let's concentrate on discussing music.

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