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Hey, hope everyone had a great new year. Well this piece is called Rainy Day and i was just tinkering around with some progressions and just put this piece together in a few minutes. Critique and comments will be greatly appreciated!

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Another charming minature which captures a mood so well. Starting off with the delicate major chords I liked the way that it ran into the blues runs later on but still kept to the character of the piece.

I'd like to hear your ideas orchestrated, as I think they lend themselves well to strings - perhaps this could be a longer-term target for your writing.

Well done.
There is nothing better to do on a rainy day but write some music. I think all composers have a work somewhere entitled "rainy day", and this one is very nice indeed.

I have enjoyed this piece for what it is - a solo piano work.

It sounds very improvised in its current recorded state, like you have recorded the first time you played it. It does not sound practiced or read or like a performance in any way, but rather like a composing session where the tape has been left on to record, and you are searching for melody and harmony as improvisation runs with your imagination .

I enjoy the free flowing tempo, but in this case it is rather too free and does not allow any beat or rhythm to capture me. Therefore most of the highs and lows (crescendos, rits, accels, and otherwise) are totally lost on me as a listener. Without a stronger rhythm there can be no expectation. Falling rain has a rhythm and i think you haven't found that here, I only hear the emotion of a grey day.

The piano sound is lovely. Sounds like a nice upright piano that i used to play on. My advice would be to write it down and practice it a few more times before you press the record button. Then the recording of the performance will match the quality of the composition.

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