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I am Steve. I am a Sound Engineer and a composer from Vancouver, Canada. I make fantasy music and am currently working on a project called Lost Worlds. Please take a listen and let me know your thoughts. My Goal is to have my music on a game or tv show one day.

This is new newest creation, I just got through two weeks of writers block.  I Couldnt even bring myself to touch and instrument or the recording computer. So i just took some time off and worked my real job.  

I feel like this is one of my better pieces in regards to orchestration.. but maybe im wrong.. thoughts?

anyone have any tips for overcoming writers block

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Hi, Steve!
Nice piece for game. Nice beat!
I had a similar feeling as Bob about orchestration. I am not sure but I think you should strengthen the middle. Middle strings are not hearable here, they would do the job. 

Bob Porter said:


Thanks for posting this. I enjoyed it very much.

Not having heard any of your other pieces, I can not say if your orchestration is better or not. I can't say that the title fits very well. This music, to me, has the wrong feel for the title. Not that a night with a princess couldn't be epic:)

There is something missing once the percussion comes in and the piece really picks up. You have all these great melodies and counter melodies going on but no glue to hold them together. Perhaps some instruments playing whole notes ,or dotted half notes followed by a quarter note ( or dotted quarter followed by an 8th), somewhere would fill things out. Having a snare drum on beats two and four makes it sound like a rock drummer was dropped into the orchestra. Perhaps the 8th and two 16ths figure the inner strings played at the beginning would be better.

Check the horn part at about the 2:50 mark. It may go to high.

All in all, really fun to listen to.

thanks a lot guys for taking the time to listen and respond with your advice.  i agree upon all points you have made and it's nice to hear from outside ears things that i had not noticed.  i could certainly use some help in the titles of my pieces as i am very often unhappy with them.  riding the percussion section is always a challenge for me.  prior to getting into composing epic music i was producing hip hop beats and i guess it shows with that 1 3 snare..

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