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Hello everyone.

So I'm an amateur composer, but Its something I really love to do, and I had played the game Runescape for 2 years, and I fell in love with a certain Piece from it, simply titled "Fanfare" I loved the energy and the mystery of it... of course, I was hearing it in like, 16 bit sound... so it wasn't really all that great.

So years later here I am writing it out as an Orchestral March. I say orchestral because I included Strings + Harp in the score, but I think it could be done as a field march if you had a synthesizer in the PIT.

I have had practice with things before, and I used a lot of elements my band director stresses, especially "Exaggerating" the dynamics. Seeing as this is computer sounds here, I thought I'd TRY to get it close to a real performance. Someone of my status does not usually have access to an orchestra, sooo... yeah.

This is also my first time writing a percussion part for 5 bass drums, snare line and cymbals. I used to ignore percussion, but It adds so much, but I feel I am not so good at it.



In a city protected by the white nights of Fallador Castle, there is much to be contented by. A financially rich and beautiful city with a fair and strong king to lead. But, there may be secrets lurking about, and beneath the city, the mines are often troubled.

Fanfare features 2 Strong central themes, one that is very exciting, and one mysterious. It features a piccolo solo on the secondary theme, and a cannon of both themes to end.

Critique I'd like:

Overall effect of piece, what could make it better overall? Stronger melody ect.

Percussion, seeing as its my first, where did I go right and wrong? What things would have made it better? If you'd like, you can have the file, but you will need the FREE Finale reader from OR Have a finale product from the 2010 line (I Have Printmusic 2010).

And anything else. If you listen with stereo headphones, you'll notice I did some Left-Right switches for effect, and I need some advice on orchestral placement. I Figured as a recording this "Swell" effect would be effective.

(Files attached: Song (MP3) and Score (.MUS for finale) You can either download the song, or hear it on my page here. )

Thanks a ton in advance!

~Chris Rodier~


Here you can see the original version from the game. I think I left out some inner voice parts, but I didn't really like them in the original anyway! Lol.

and this is My version on flute and piccolo (and fife version):

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Ray Kemp said:

What do you want us to comment on? The composition which isn't yours or the arrangement you present of tune you didn't compose.

Let me explain. Being that this is a forum of composers, I think composition, is what we expect to be demonstrated here.
I recently spent a few hours arranging and mixing another forum member's composition. Although the changes I've made to the cue are substantial, that recording is still published on the writers page as their work, not mine, and that is as it should be.


I do things for a reason, and this piece was not what it is now. I did this for practice at writing, what better way than with arranging a song I love? Composers and arrangers have often been stuck together in the music world and I do not see why this is such a problem for you. You can be sure that I have original compositions on the way, but from this I got wonderful advice yesterday from a member on here on how to improve this and my composing in general.

I claim no right that this piece is my copyright, and JAGEX LTD. Most likely holds it now, but they have no problems with their music in circulation as long as it is for non-commercial use, which, myself not considering a major career in composing, this should not be a problem,


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