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Hey everyone- it's been a little while. I had a few days off, why not write some music? I think the inspiration behind this piece for me was sitting outside on a very quiet almost-summer evening, doing absolutely nothing but thinking. This is my musical interpretation of that kind of moment. 

As always, curious for thoughts on what's good, bad, or anything in general - and if the notation seems accurate. 

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Hi David,

Overall, I think the piece matches the mood you were seeking, so I think you achieved your goal there. There is a calmness and serenity that I hear which seems pleasant to meI find that with a short piece, a single mood is enough to carry the piece, contrasting sections are not necessary. Yet by the time you were coming to the end of the piece, I was ready to hear something different, in other words my interest was fading. There did seem to be a few spots where the score did not match the sound.

Thanks for sharing!

Very nice, soft and dreamy.  You did a lot of variation on the left-hand motif.  Why the key of Gb?  I would be tempted to use a recurring theme in the right hand, though I don't know if it would be any improvement.  This is a good sounding piano sample, especially for the piece, or is it live? 

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